Jetlun REST Web Service Interface

REST API: Data Access

Get device status

Description: Get device status base on time period

Method: GET

Arguments: myjetlun_id, mac, sn, start_time, end_time, api_key, timestamp, sign, format

Limitation: the maximum interval is 60 minutes

IMPORTANT: Frequent requests to get the Jetlun data impact the system performance. It is recommended to keep a 5 minutes interval between every API request.

Format: JSON, XML

URL: "[mac]&sn=[sn]&start_time=[start_time]&end_time=[end_time]&api_key=[apikey]&myjetlun_id=[myjetlun-id]&timestamp=[time]&sign=[signature]"

Example Response:

"Device Status":[
{"timestamp": "20120621103100"},
{"operation_status": {"ir": {"temp":"28.500000", "code_status":"1"}}
{"timestamp": "20120621103200"},
{"operation_status": {"ir": {"temp":"28.000000", "code_status":"1"}}